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With our comprehensive, compassionate coaching we can help you create the lifestyle you’ve always wanted, helping you to feel better, enjoy food without guilt or shame and understand how self-compassion is at the core of your success! Here's what we can help you with:

  • Fat loss

  • Body composition improvements

  • Creating a healthier diet

  • Lowering cholesterol

  • Weight loss for IVF (as per NHS guidelines)

  • Creating a plant based diet

  • Getting type 2 diabetes into remission

  • Nutrition and training for supporting menopause

  • Nutrition and lifestyle improvements for supporting PCOS


Within your 1-1 coaching package we provide:


  • An extensive bank of easy to cook, simple, nutrient dense meals

  • Suggested meal examples tailored to your goals (fat loss/muscle gain/health/fitness) 

  • Tailored training programme with your own app to view exercise demos and workouts 

  • Your weekly check-in with your own coach, where we take a holistic approach and help you overcome any obstacles or barriers. This is where we make progress together! 

  • We have our community of members who spur each other on and provide tips and celebrate our wins!

  • You will become a part of our very special members area with exclusive access to resources, videos, recipes and more!

  • First class support – we pride ourselves on being compassionate, supportive coaches and aim to bring out the best in each and every client we work with. 

COST: £399 initial fee for the first 12 weeks then £120 per month thereafter.

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