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Hear it from our Clients...

"Nicola, this was never about weight loss for me and it was never about motivation to exercise, I had the drive I had the commitment I just didn’t have the knowledge to pull it all together.  Today, with your help I am in such a better place, my results have been outstanding with improvements every week, I found new ways to exercise, in a way of benefit for my own body but also a change from the norm and the pressures I was placing on myself.  My nutrition has by far improved, I’ve never ate so much and now I’m providing enough energy for my body to survive to the level I use it.  However, and more importantly for me I now understand myself and my body, issues I’ve had for decades now seem more easy to understand and easy to manage and that for me is more important than anything I’ve achieved over the past 8 months."

"Gemma thank you so much. I will be forever grateful for you helping me out the rut I was in and getting me back to the gym! I wouldn’t be where I am today without you! 

I forced myself to that gym today and feel so much better for it. Wee 60kg hip thrust which is good for me considering before I was with you I was using 2 x6kg dumbbells. 

You have without a doubt helped my self confidence in a way I didn’t know I needed it!! Thanks for being my biggest supporter."                                   


"I am so very grateful to you for all your support and for the really valuable feedback you’ve given me each week! I have really enjoyed it and it has made a huge difference to my daily lifestyle. Thanks again for everything, you’ve been amazing."


"I will definitely continue to put into practice all the things I’ve learned from you, I honestly started this solely to lose weight and never expected to learn all the other things that come along with that that are so important like mindset, sleep and monthly cycle. I’ve changed in so many other ways that are just as important and to have learnt that is huge."                      


"I'm currently taking a break from being coached at the moment but have been looking back at the progress I've made over the last 2.5 years in terms of my fitness and body composition. Everyone will have their own personal goals and this was mine. Not only that but my relationship with food has been completely transformed and I've come away with so much more knowledge. Thank you so much Nicola and Gemma, this is all thanks to you!"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Nicola

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