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Green Soup with a Thai Twist

Ingredients serves 4

150g Spinach

1 Medium courgette

8 Stalks of tender stem broccoli

Small handful coriander

4 Garlic cloves

240g Canellini beans

3x Vegetable oxo cubes

45g Blue dragon Thai green curry paste

1 Tspn fish sauce

Salt to taste


Chop all the veg and add to the pot with the water, stock and paste. After 15-20 mins add the drained beans, coriander and fish sauce. Then blend it all! Add salt to taste.

Optional: add a few tablespoons of Greek or skyr yog for added protein and flavour 🌱

Enjoy with some yummy bread, I had chia loaf 🍞

Nutritional information

Approximate calories per serving:144

C 15g

F 4g

P 9g

Fibre 6g

(does not include optional extras)


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