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Pear and Salted Caramel 30 minute Oats

Ingredients - serves 1

40g oats

15g mixed nuts- chopped

20g salted caramel whey protein powder

100ml almond milk

100g 0% Greek yogurt

8g peanut butter

1 pear

20g blueberries

Some low cal maple syrup - we used Skinny Sauce brand


Mix the oats with the milk, yogurt, and protein powder. Leave for at least 30 minutes or over night. Then simply add your toppings when you are ready to eat. You can also add everything at once before leaving to soak, it's your preference!

Nutritional information

Approximate calories per serving: 570

C 60g

F 20g

P 37g

F 13g

To make this plant based use a vegan protein powder and Alpro yogurt.


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