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Toffee & Maple 30 Minute Oats

Ingredients - serves 1

40g oats

100g 0% greek yogurt

20g vanilla or salted caramel whey protein powder

100 ml of skimmed milk (or almond)

toffee flavour drops

skinny syrup - maple

8g almonds

30g berries


Add the milk to the oats, then the yogurt and whey powder. Mix really well. Add in a few toffee drops. In a separate bowl put a splash of maple syrup in the bottom then begin spooning the oat mix onto it. Top with your berries and chopped nuts and either eat straight away or pop into the fridge for later!

Nutritional information

Approximate Calories per serving: 382

C 37g

F 9g

P 39g

To make this plant based use Aplro yogurt, plant based protein powder, and almond milk.


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