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Chicken Arrabbiata

Ingredients- serves 4

500g chicken

200g wholegrain spaghetti

1 aubergine

3 peppers

1 jar Lloyd Grossman tomato & chilli sauce

50 ml olive oil

soy sauce - good splash

1 tspn smoked paprika

1 tspn oregano

sea salt

15g of parmesan per serving - optional


Roast your peppers and aubergines with a pinch of salt for 25 mins at 180*

Meanwhile mix up the olive oil, soy sauce, salt , paprika and oregano and set to one side. Add the chicken breasts to a hot pan and cook off for 5 minutes. Then pour in the olive oil mixture and gently cook on a lower heat with the lid on for 25 minutes turning every so often. For the last 5 minutes take the lid off and turn up the heat to blacken the chicken. Boil your pasta as per cooking instructions. Once ready drain and pour in the sauce mixing well. Add this to a dish and layer on the roasted veg, then chicken. Add 15g of parmesan if desired. Season well.

Nutritional information

Approximate calories per portion: 500 (does not include optional parmesan)

C 46g

F 16g

P 38g

To make this plant based you can use a meat substitute or simply leave out the chicken and parmesan or use a vegan friendly cheese.


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