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Piri Piri Steak Wrap with Cheese

Serves 1


  • 125g Sirloin Steak

  • 10 mushrooms

  • 1 wrap

  • Handful of spinach

  • 20g cheese

  • 1/2 tsp piri piri spice

  • 20ml Nandos piri piri sauce


Rub salt and some piri piri spices into your steak. Allow your steak to come to room temperature for 30-60 minutes. Pop it in a really hot pan (use 1 cal oil spray)with the mushrooms. Cook it to your requirements (for medium, 5 minutes on each side but cook for longer if you prefer a more well-done steak). Once ready, slice up and add to your wrap with the rest of your ingredients. Serve with a large green salad.

Approximate calories per serving 494

C 34g F 17g P 49g

To make this vegan you can use 250g of tofu and a vegan cheese.

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