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Thai Tofu with chickpeas

Ingredients - Serves 3

400g firm tofu - sliced and cubed

150g chick peas

2 carrots

1 pepper

4 baby corns

1 red chilli

1 tbsp of honey

400ml coconut milk

1 piece of star anise

Squeeze of lime juice

200ml veg stock

50g green Thai paste - we use Blue Dragon small pot


Bake the tofu for 15 minutes in the oven at 180* with a drizzle of soy sauce and sprinkle of chilli flakes. Fry the chunky chopped vegetables and chick peas then add the paste and star anise. Cook for a few minutes. Add the coconut milk and stock, mix well. Cook covered for 15 minutes. Then add the tofu and lime juice and cook uncovered for 5 minutes. Serve with sticky rice.

Nutritional information (Nutritional values do not include rice.)

Approximate calories per serving: 455

C 32g

F 25g

P 25g

Fibre 8g


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